The Veg Academy

Speaking of Chili

I’m over snow and ice and cold and Winter! Even my beautiful Husky is hating the snow! We currently have 8-10 inches of snow in our backyard and he’s having such a hard time getting around in it. So, being the spoiled dog that he is...

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Spanish Sauce for Veggie Dogs

Growing up, on the weekends or whenever a coney dog craving hit, we’d head to the B&K stand to pick up some Spanish style coney dogs. When I stopped eating pork I would take my own beef hot dogs to the stand to replace their pork dogs...

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Easy Not Cheesy

Tempeh cutlets, seitan steaks with hollandaise sauce, sweet garlicky ribs…. yeah, they sound great and they are delicious, but I just don’t have the time to spend hours making a 25-plus ingredient dish after a long day at work. And...

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